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After almost a year of prayer, Bible study, outreach, and fellowship as one small group in our home, we are excited to have grown to the point of being able to split our one group into two!  Our overall plan is that we would continue to multiply small group Bible Studies (we call them Discipleship Communities in our church) in our neighborhood, while continuing to all attend the Sunday gathering at our sending church.  After we have 3 or 4 (or maybe more) of these Discipleship Community groups, our groups will begin to come together on Sundays for our own Sunday worship services in Frankford.  This Friday, March 11th, will be the first time our group will meet as two groups instead of one! We praise God for providing two gifted men, Gabe and Josue, that will be co-leading the second group and for providing a strong core group of believers  that have agreed to either stay with the first group or be willing to transition into the new group.  We don’t take these gifts from Him for granted.  It’s a miracle that He has saved us from our sins; it’s a miracle that He has kept us together in sweet unity throughout the year; it’s a miracle that He has raised up men as leaders in our groups; and it’s a miracle that He has provided willing hearts to either stay in the current group or transition to the new one.  God alone deserves the glory for these gifts!  Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Would you please pray: 1. that for His glory alone, God would save people in Frankford through our efforts 2.That God would bring new people from our neighborhood to join these two groups. 3. that God would continue to make this transition smooth as we try to maintain a large group identity and mission while splitting into more than one group.  4. that God would raise up leaders and a core group of believers to start a third group in Frankford.

Thank you!