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I want to invite you all to join us in prayer as we enter a season of intentional preparation to church plant in Frankford.  After about a year and a half of meeting together as small groups in Frankford, our group is starting a new phase of building toward a church in our neighborhood.

This next phase involves a year-long training program I’ll be participating in for church planters through our denomination, Sovereign Grace Ministries.   It’s an exciting opportunity to learn from many of our denominational leaders as well as from a small group of other church planters from all over the USA.  We’ll be meeting monthly through webinars and quarterly at weekend retreats together.  I also have a personal “church planting coach” that has planted a church in the past and is a mentor to me from outside my local church.  I meet with him monthly for direction, encouragement, and help through the process of planting a church in our denomination.  Please pray for me and Abby as we enter this program.  We are very excited to be a part of a family of churches that takes time to carefully and intentionally equip church planters.   Please pray that we would learn what God wants us to learn through this opportunity.

In addition to Abby and I entering this time of preparation, we are encouraging our entire group to see the next year or so as a season of intentional preparation. We are encouraging our group to move toward God, each other, and Frankford in the next year.  We want to be intentional and purposeful in these three areas as an entire group.   One key initiative toward this direction is us starting a men’s group and the ladies getting more involved in the ladies’ Bible study that meets at our sending church.  We also are trying to be more intentional in our lives and in our small groups to be more prayerfully concerned for Frankford.

Please continue to pray for us in this exciting season.  Thank you!!