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We’ve had two great opportunities to get out into Frankford this Spring.  After we split our group up into two locations, we took the opportunity of having some more space in our living room to invite some of our neighbors to join our Bible Study.  We designed door hangers and hung up around 500 around the blocks around our house.  We were grateful to have a good number of our group come out to hang the door hangers, and even more grateful when we had some of our neighbors respond by coming out to our next Bible Study!  We’re praying that the people that came (4 people in all) as a result of the hangers will continue to come and get plugged into our group and our church.


We also had the chance to take part in the Philly Spring Clean Up Day at a local rec center.  We got to do some painting and rub shoulders with some folks from our neighborhood.  It was neat that the head of the rec center recognized us from last year’s clean up day as well.  We’re grateful for opportunities like this to work alongside people in Frankford and we are praying for more like it.  Please join in prayer for open doors in Frankford.