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In addition to our regular meetings, we have had two opportunities to get on board with events happening in our neighborhood this Spring. Every year, Philadelphia has an official Spring clean up day and we were able to go to a playground in Frankford and join with other folks from Frankford and outside Frankford to do some cleaning. A few weeks later we participated in an event called Help a Neighbor Day (or HAND), where residents of Frankford ask for assistance in doing some maintenance and some cleaning and repairs of their homes. Supplies are donated, and volunteers go together to the homes to do the work. Both of these events were organized by other organizations and we were happy to come alongside of them and participate in the life of our community. We are praying for more and more opportunities like these where we can join with people in our neighborhood in doing good, while offering our support and praying for opportunities to share the Gospel while doing so. Please join us in praying that we would continue to grow in our love for our neighborhood.

Getting into the Neighborhood