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This summer, we’ve been growing as a group as we study our identity in Christ. It’s been encouraging to see the Holy Spirit at work especially among some of our members that are new in the Faith. We’ve also been able to have several guys leading the Bible study and growing in their leadership abilities. During one of our Bible studies being led by one of our guys that is stepping up into more leadership roles, one of our attenders remarked that she was getting goose bumps hearing about what it means to be adopted and redeemed by Christ. When I looked over, I realized she wasn’t just speaking figuratively – she was covered in goose bumps! When’s the last time you were so moved by the effects of the Gospel of your life that you had a physical reaction to hearing God’s truth? Pray that our group will continue to be overwhelmed by the truths of what Christ has done for us by His life, death, and resurrection – and pray the God would fill our neighborhood with people that get goose bumps when they hear His Word!