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In the last few months we have had three people in our small group move into or closer to Frankford.  Our heart is to live alongside the people in the neighborhood, experiencing the same joys and frustrations they go through.  We want to be with our neighborhood, not just in or for our community.  In addition to the most important way to be with the neighborhood – living there – we have also been pressing into some of the regular community meetings that happen in Frankford, with an eye toward listening to ways our small group can partner with what already is happening in the neighborhood.  This has provided some exciting opportunities for us that I’ll be posting about as they develop.

We’ve also been enjoying each other in our groups as well – developing friendships and laughing together by helping each other move and having a New Year and Super bowl party in addition to our regular meetings.  Please continue to pray that we would continue to move closer – closer to God, closer to each other, and closer to our neighbors.