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My friend Ian McConnell refers to Christian ministry as both magnificent and messy.  As our group met last night to hang out, eat, pray, and talk about this past year, I could think of no better way to summarize our year as a group than as both magnificent and messy.  We’ve had weddings and funerals.  A baby girl was born into our group.  Family members have passed away too soon.  We’ve fought against sin and it’s consequences – sometimes suffering defeat and sometimes overcoming.  There have been trips to the hospital and trips to the Caribbean.  Jobs and houses have been lost and found.  We’ve struggled with addictions, sickness, and tragedy.    We’ve reached out with the truth of the Gospel to our friends, neighbors, and coworkers.  We’ve grown in our understanding of biblical truths.  Some of us have dedicated our lives to serving Jesus for the first time and others of us have been stirred up to a renewed passion for loving God and loving others.  It’s been magnificent and messy.

Please keep us in prayer as we enter into 2017 as a group of disciples on our way to planting a church in Frankford, Philadelphia.  We know our future, like this past year, will be both messy and magnificent – so we are entrusting ourselves into the hands of the One who entered our magnificent and messy world, and died to redeem it.